A playlist to kill those new semester blues

Ugh. Was I a fool to think that winter break would re-new my motivation for all things academia? Hell yes. Its 6:32 on a Friday night, and I’m actually sitting here eating jalapeño potato chips while waiting for this upcoming week’s history documents to finish printing so I can start annotating, (and crying). I might as well make the most of this time, right? So here I am, conjuring a playlist of pick-me-up songs to get me through all the hours I’ll be spending at the library this weekend reading history texts. I’m looking to find some high quality good vibes to keep me awake, ya feel?

If you’re also finding yourself in the academic hell-scape that is a weekend entirely dedicated to reading multiple 90 page documents, give this playlist a listen. Maybe it’ll make your subconscious smile even though you feel like chucking all your textbooks off the nearest bridge, I don’t know. Give it a try.


  • “Money”- 5 Seconds of Summer: If you’re searching for that feel-good-punk-rock anthem, you found it. 5SOS have written the song that you’ll be screaming out the window of the Uber on your way to the club. (Just a suggestion).
  • “The Middle”- Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey: I saw Morris perform over the summer, when she opened for Sam Hunt’s 15 in a 30 tour. To hear her success as an artist across music genres is refreshing, and makes me quite proud to be a fan. Morris’ voice is perfect for this track, and is certainly a force to be reckoned with. The unshakable upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics combine to create the perfect song for morning runs, study breaks, or evening pre-games.
  • “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”- Fall Out Boy: I have had this song stuck in my head ever since FOB’s album Mania was released on the 19th. Honestly, how can you not scream along to “I hope the roof flies off and you get thrown out into space, I always make such expensive mistakes, I know it’s just a number but you’re the eighth wonder, I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color”? It’s pretty much an impossible task.
  • “Walking Target”- Fitz and The Tantrums: With beats straight out of how I envision Candy Land to sound, “Walking Target” never fails to put me in a good mood.
  • “Whatever Keeps Us Young”- Casey Derhak: This country pop song reminds us what it’s like to be a young adult living it up in those golden summer days spent jumping in the waves at the beach. It’s giving me the motivation I need to get through the semester successfully so I can have more golden beach days.
  • “Rich Love (with Seeb)”- OneRepublic, Seeb: OneRepublic killed it on this song. A bop to help you remember that once college is over you’ll have a “rich love” with your degree.
  • “One Foot”- WALK THE MOON: My go to feel good song. I liken it to ‘liquid luck’ from Harry Potter. Nothing can go wrong when listening to this song. A 100% certified jam. (I initially wrote this with caps lock on because I was so pumped up listening). (I decided that was not professional). (But I’m telling you anyway to get the point across). (Carry on).
  • “In the Morning”- Jaded: If I ever go on Lip Sync Battle this will be my song. I choreograph a performance to this every time it comes on my Spotify, without fail. This song is no joke. Go give it a listen and try not to sing along dramatically by the end of the song. I dare you.
  • “I Can’t Resist- Single Edit”- The Great Escape: Picture this- you’re riding a motorcycle through the empty city streets in the dead of night. A song is playing; it’s echoing out of the corner stores and makes you feel alive- this is that song.
  • “Best Fake Smile”- James Bay: It’s impossible not to smile while this song plays. (And it’s definitely not a fake smile). 100% one of my favorite songs to vibe to. If you’re in a study slump, this song will pluck you right out of it.
  • “Cola”- CamelPhat, Elderbrook: “Cola” gives off an air of utter cool effortlessly. I want to choreograph a contemporary dance to it. I already have the moves in my head. @CamelPhat @Elderbrook re-film your music video so I can be in it please.
  • “Trouble”- The New Respects: This song is my mood as I try to place the blame for procrastination on literally anything else other than myself.
  • “Little of Your Love”- HAIM: HAIM, Queens of feel-good retro pop, have gifted us a Vibe. It does not disappoint.
  • “The Good Side”- Troye Sivan: A slow, chill, song to sip your caramel macchiato to. Or whatever caffeinated beverage you use to stay awake while flipping through textbooks. If it were the 2000’s and this was Myspace I would say “Coffee=Love, Coffee=Life” while you were forced to listen to “The Good Side” because I have embedded music on my page and you cannot pause it under any circumstance.
  • “Don’t Call”- Lost Kings: I cannot study to classical music. Only sick beats like this will help me concentrate. Listen to the lost kings.
  • “God Save Our Young Blood (with Lana Del Rey)”- BØRNS, Lana Del Rey: Last spring I got really into Lana Del Rey. Her music has such an ethereal quality to it. Am I studying in the flickering neon light of the library, or am I studying in a mossy forest with deer sitting next to me? I can’t tell.
  • “Good As Gold”- Moon Taxi: that reading assignment intimidating you? Just let Moon Taxi take you to a place where you have the power- you’re good as gold.
  • “Best Friend’- Sofi Tukker, NERVO, The Knocks, Alisa Ueno: I first heard this on ALT 92.3, the new NYC alt radio station, and immediately fell in love. It’s a great song to tap your pencil along to in between underlining important information.
  • “Just The Same”- Charlotte Lawrence: This song fuels neon signs; it’s a beacon of light to bring you hope that your study break is near.
  • “Lie”- Shallou, Riah: Filled with golden beats and ethereal vocals, “Lie” will not fail to reel in those good vibes.
  • “Super Far”- LANY: Genuinely one of the chillest songs I’ve heard in a while. If “Good As Gold” didn’t help you feel golden, the beats of “Super Far” will.
  • “Take Me (feat. Mariana Thielen)”- OLYK, Obregon, Mariana Thielen: Yes, you got this. You’re almost there. The reading is almost done. One more page. One more freaking page. Go for it. Let this honey sweet anthem bring you to that last word.
  • “Problems”- Petit Biscuit, Lido: You’ve done it; you’ve finished reading. Congratulations. Now have a cool-down head-bopping dance session to some Petit Biscuit in your chair at the library. Maybe stand on the desk and just let out a scream until the librarian comes over. You do you, academic super star.

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